Antarctic Explorers: Online Research

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  1. Antarctic Time Line
    • Site Location:
      a. Who was the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle and when did he do it?
      b. Who was the first person to reach the South Pole, and when did he reach the Pole?
      c. What was sad about the 1592 expedition that discovered the Falkland Islands?
      d. Who led the first Japanese expedition to Antarctica, and when?

  2. Charles Wilkes
    • Site Location:
      a. What were the names of the six ships that made up the 1838 – 1842 expedition commanded by Charles Wilkes?
      b. What was the main reason that American ships visited Antarctica in the early 1800s?

  3. Richard E. Byrd
    • Site Location:
      a. Who flew with Byrd over the North Pole on May 9, 1926?
      b. When did Byrd fly over the South Pole?
      c. What kind of clothing did the members of Byrd's first Antarctic expedition wear?

  4. Shackleton
    • Site Location:
      a. Where was Shackleton born?
      b. What was the name of the ship that Shackleton and his crew abandoned in their 1914 expedition?
      c. Briefly describe Shackleton's journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia Island in April 1916.

  5. Ice Cap
    • Site Location:
      a. What percent of the world’s ice does the Antarctic continent contain?
      b. When does sea-ice usually begin to form each year?
      c. When does the sea-ice break up?

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    I have added additional questions and chosen a different website as one of the information sources.