Instructions for Creating your own Crossword

Go to the Discovery School website.

  1. Select "Criss Cross Puzzle".
  2. Type in a title for your puzzle.
  3. Type in a list of the words you want to use as answers. (You can only use single words, not phrases.) Leave a space after each word, then type the clue on the same line.
  4. When you have finished, click on "Create my Criss Cross Puzzle" at the bottom of the page.
  5. Your puzzle and clues should appear. (If the puzzle itself does not appear, you need to right-click on the box image and select "View Image". This should cause the crossword puzzle to appear.)
  6. Open a new Word document. This is where you will save the puzzle and its clues. Write a title at the top.
  7. Right-click on the image of the crossword. Select "Save Image as…". It will automatically be given an odd-looking name (e.g. isp23v34.png). Select a suitable temporary location for it, such as "My Documents" or your Desktop. Save. The image is now available for later use.
  8. Highlight the clues. Right-click and copy these.
  9. Go back to your Word document. Place the cursor below the title (i.e. where you want the crossword to appear). Select "Insert" from the options at the top of the page (File/Edit/Insert/ Format/etc). Choose "Picture" and then "From File". Select the file you saved earlier (e.g. isp23v34.png) in My Documents or Desktop. Click on "Insert".
  10. You will probably need to centre the crossword. Highlight the crossword by clicking on it; then drag it to the centre or use the centre justification box on your toolbar.
  11. Now paste the clues that you saved earlier. (You can do this by going to "Edit" and selecting "Paste" or by right-clicking and selecting "Paste".)
  12. You have all that you need now. Finish by formatting your title and clues so that they look smart.