Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the key (answers) to a worksheet?
    • Sorry, but I don't have the keys myself! Well, okay then, I do have some  handwritten answers in files at school -- but I do not systematically create answer sheets for every worksheet. 
    • I honestly find that it's more stimulating for me as a teacher to work the answers out afresh with my students rather than rely on a "key".  As with life, the answer is often negotiable in any case!
  • Have you got anything on ...? Why don't you do a worksheet about ...?
    • I know what you mean, but I'm just a working teacher like you. This site is just a modest collection of things that worked well for me. I don't have an overall plan; I just add stuff occasionally (less and less since I became the father of triplets - and no, that's not a joke ...).
  • How can I contact you?
    • One option is the Guestbook on this site.
    • Another is email: fme @  
    • Note that my email address has been slightly modified to foil those evil spiders with their spammy webs. If you are a human, please just delete the spaces before and after the ampersand.