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THE GREAT GATSBY, F Scott Fitzgerald

1. What new information do we gather about Gatsby’s origins and youth?

2. Gatsby is described as “a son of God”.  What is his mission in life?

3. We learn that when Gatsby was around 17 years old he spent a lot of his time dreaming of a more exotic life. Choose a phrase which captures the fact that he preferred his fantasies to the real world.

4. What was Gatsby’s role when he worked for Dan Cody?

5. Why did Gatsby fail to inherit the money Cody had intended for him?

6. During the horse riders’ call on Gatsby, what evidence is there that East Eggers (or at least some of them) do not accept Gatsby as one of themselves?

7. Why does Tom attend Gatsby’s party?

8. How is the party different from others Nick has attended?

9. What offends Daisy about the behaviour of the movie director and the actress?

10. What is Gatsby’s attitude towards the past?

11. Five years earlier Gatsby kissed Daisy and “at his lips’ touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete”.
What does incarnation mean?  Why has Fitzgerald chosen the word here?

Frankie Meehan