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ESL Worksheets

THE GREAT GATSBY, F Scott Fitzgerald


1. How are Gatsby’s new servants different from the old ones?

2. What aspect of her child does Daisy focus on?

3. How does Tom discover that Daisy loves Gatsby?

4. How does Gatsby describe Daisy’s voice?

5. How do the group travel into town?

6. Why does Wilson want to move West?

7. Why are Mytle’s eyes “wide with jealous terror” as she stares at Gatsby’s yellow Rolls?

8. Describe the atmosphere in the hotel room, both in terms of weather and human emotions.

9. What does Nick find amusing about Tom’s “impassioned gibberish”? (p.136)

10. What upsets Gatsby most about the revelations in the hotel room?

11. Explain how Myrtle’s death occurred.

12. What disgusts Nick about Gatsby’s reaction to the death?

13. How do Tom and Gatsby appear to react?

Frankie Meehan