Inaugural Address: President John F Kennedy

1. As you read, re-order the following ideas so that they follow the same sequence as the speech itself.
  1.  We will remain loyal to the countries of western Europe.
  2.  The new generation of Americans will stand up for human rights.
  3.  We will support the U.N.
  4.  Let the USA and the USSR cooperate to halt the arms race.
  5.  We will help poorer countries to find their own solutions to poverty.
  6.  We will promote democracy in South America and step in to oppose Marxism (?).
  7.  Let all the countries of the world join together to combat tyranny, poverty, disease and war.
  8.  We will help to protect newly independent countries from new "tyranny" (Marxism?).
2. Scan through the speech and make a note of any images you can find.  (An image is a simile, metaphor or personification which compares one thing to another.)  Try to explain each image.
 e.g. "the torch has been passed to a new generation ..."
 [torch = the responsibility to defend human rights; it is passed from generation to generation like an Olympic relay torch]
3. Underline or highlight any rhetorical patterns you can find in the speech.
 e.g. "We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe ..."

4. Give the meaning of the following words/phrases, as used in the speech:

      •   prescribed (Par.1)
      •   forebears (Par.2)
      •   pledge (Par.5)
      •   subversion (Par.9)
      •   invective (Par.10)
      •   adversary (Par.11)
      •   eradicate (Par.17)
      •   shrink from responsibility (Par.24)
      •   sacrifice (Par.27)