George Mallory Research

The play "Burning Everest" by Adrian Flynn mentions the English mountaineer, George Mallory.  During this project, you must search for information about Mallory on the Internet.  The search should be interesting: have fun!

1. Go to the Man of Everest - George Leigh Mallory webpage and use it to make notes on the points below.

The Spartacus Educational website is also an excellent source of information about Mallory.

  • Year of Birth - Year of Death
  • Place of birth
  • Mallory's family
  • His jobs (include the war years)
  • His personality
  • Number of times (and when) he explored the Everest region
2. Go to the next webpage of the Mallory story and use it to answer the questions below.
a) When did Mallory make his last attempt to climb Everest?
b) Who accompanied him on his final climb?
c) Why was that person chosen?
d) Who spotted them near the summit?
3. Go to the following websites and use them to answer the questions below:
a) Who found Mallory's body?
b) When did they find it?
c) How did they know it was Mallory?
d) What did they do with the body?
e) What kind of clothes and footwear was Mallory wearing when he climbed Everest?
f) What objects were found inside his clothing?
g) What evidence do we still need in order to prove that Mallory really reached the summit of Everest? h) What does the Tibetan name Chomolungma mean?  (You can use "Edit" - "Find on this page" to help you.)  
4. Go to the photograph of Mallory's body.
a) What are your thoughts about the photograph (e.g. the position of the body, the colour of the skin, the clothing etc.)?
b) How do you feel about this photograph being used in a website?


Now use your notes to write a short biography of George Mallory. Click here for a model biography and tasks to accompany it.