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Choose one of the text productions below.  Make sure you read authentic examples of the relevant text type.  For example, if you choose to write a play script, look at an actual play script to see how the dialogue, directions etc. are laid out.  Be as clear as possible about your audience, context and purpose.

1. Write Mr Hennessy’s school report for Patrick Joseph Clarke.  Comment on attitude, behaviour, social relationships, academic performance and sports.

2. Write a local newspaper report on the fire at Donnelly’s farm.  (You might like to remark that there has been an increasing incidence of arson in the Barrytown area, and warn parents to monitor their children’s movements more closely …)

3. Rewrite a section of the novel in the third person.  Comment on the effect of this change in your analysis.

4. Rewrite a section of the novel from the point of view of a different character: e.g. Ma, Da or Sinbad.

5. Rewrite a scene from the novel as a film or play script.

6. Write a review of the novel for a specific audience – e.g. users of the UWCSEA High School library, or readers of a quality newspaper in an English speaking country.

7. Write a social worker’s report on the O’Connell family (Liam, Aidan and father, Brendan).  Refer to housing, diet, parental supervision, education etc.  Suggest whether the children are adequately looked after or should be taken into care.

8. Write a letter to a Dublin newspaper complaining about the destruction of green spaces and traditional lifestyles by so-called “developers”.

9. Write a letter from Mrs Clarke (Paddy’s mother) to a Catholic magazine, responding to an article on the sacredness of Marriage and the Family.

10. Write a magazine article by the adult Paddy Clarke on the topic of “domestic violence” or “children and divorce”.

Frankie Meehan (December 1999)