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ESL Worksheets
THE PEARL, John Steinbeck
Chapter 2

  1. (P.15) Label this diagram with the words stern, prow, and paddles which are in the text:




  3. (P.15) "This was the bed that had raised the King of Spain to be a great power in Europe in past years, had helped to pay for his wars …" What does the author mean?
  4. (P.15/16) Explain simply and clearly how a pearl is formed. Use a diagram if you wish.
  5. (P.16/17) How does Kino manage to stay on the seabed? (Normally, a person would float to the surface.)
  6. (P.16/17) What metaphor is used to describe Kino’s hope and excitement as he searches for pearls?
  7. (P.17) What was the "ghostly gleam" that Kino glimpsed?
  8. (P.19) What two things does the author compare the pearl to?


Frankie Meehan