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ESL Worksheets
Chapter 11

    1. What name does Ned use for students who are interested in revolution but have very little experience of working class or peasant life?

    2. What do the shoes on Nedís doorstep reveal about their wearers?

    3. Make a list of all the ways in which Jinda helps with preparations for the land-rent rally.
    4. How do Kamolís views differ from Ned and Sriís?


    5. On pages 126-127, Ned helps Sri prepare a speech that she will give at the land-rent rally. We learn that she will refer to:

Write Jindaís speech. (Aim to use simple yet powerful language.) You may start like this:

Brothers and sisters, I come from Maekung, a small village near Chiengmai that has endured a three-year drought. This yearís rice harvest is barely enough to feed a family for two months. Malnutrition is widespread: my own sisterís child died from kwashiorkor just two months ago.

We are farmers and the land is everything to us. All my life I have watched my father Ö

Frankie Meehan