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The Vietnam War: Right and Wrong


Read the article Right and Wrong by Wiley Hall III in the Baltimore City Paper Online. Then read it again more carefully in order to answer the following questions.



  1. What is the authorís attitude towards the Vietnam War Ė that it was a necessary, justifiable war or that the US government was wrong to send soldiers to fight in Vietnam?

  3. What is his attitude towards the death scene early in the movie "We Were Soldiers"?


  5. Does he like the movie? Explain.


  7. According to the author, what effect did the Vietnam War have on Americans?


  9. Does the author believe that Lt General Hal Moore really heard a soldier say "Iím glad I could die for my country"? Explain your answer.


  11. According to the author, what mistakes did left-wing (anti-war) protestors make during the Vietnam War?



  13. How have left-wingers changed in their thinking about the war?



  15. How have right-wingers changed in their thinking about the war?




  17. What two examples does the author give to prove that conservative politicians still expect Americans to support their country whether it is right or wrong?




  19. What is humorous about the authorís description of himself sobbing in the cinema?





  1. Define the following words:
    1. writhing (paragraph 1)
    2. gagged (paragraph 2)
    3. cringe (paragraph 3)
    4. a firsthand account (paragraph 4)
    5. adolescent outrage (paragraph 5)
    6. infantile (paragraph 7)
    7. vile (paragraph 7)
    8. valor/valour (paragraph 7)
    9. egocentric (paragraph 8)
    10. under cover of anonymity (paragraph 8)
    11. liberal (paragraph 8)
    12. rooting for (paragraph 10)
  2. What do you think is meant by "the old red, white and blue" (paragraph 3)?



Write a summary of the authorís views on left-wing and right-wing attitudes towards the Vietnam War and more recent events. Your summary should be not more than 50 words.


Frankie Meehan