ESOL Links I Like

  • English Teaching FORUM
    An excellent US government journal with extensive back issues available online.
  • The Internet TESL Journal
    A superb, free online journal, published in Japan.
  • The Language Teacher
    Yet another excellent journal from Japan. Published by the Japanese Association for Language Teaching, this is more academic/theoretical than ITESLJ.
  • Language Learning & Technology
    A fairly "academic" journal on Computer Assisted Language Learning.
  • English To Go
    A growing bank of ESL lessons based on Reuters newspaper articles. One free lesson every week, but for access to the archives you must pay a subscription.
  • One Stop English
    An excellent collection of resources from Macmillan English.
  • Better: evidence-based education
    A collaboration between York University and John Hopkins University.
  • A free guide to the IELTS exam
    A superb site, run by Reuters, with IELTS-style vocabulary and reading comprehension tasks. Tick boxes and gaps for text, a clock to keep you on your toes, feedback on your current score... and a wide range of topics, updated weekly (unfortunately, to access their Library of earlier lessons you must be a fee-paying member of English-to-Go).
  • Gradesaver Classic Notes
    Superb study notes on numerous titles.
  • Spark Notes (Harvard University)
    Excellent notes on a wide range of novels.
  • Glencoe Literature Library
    Very thorough study guides for a long list of novels and plays.
  • Bibliomania Study Guides
    There's no end to these high quality literature guides ...
  • Bookrags
    Yes - more great study guides!
  • Free Book Notes
    Like the name says ... 
  • Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe
    Probably the most famous ESL site on the Internet.
  • Outta Ray's Head
    A large collection of lesson plans, handouts and ideas: very good on writing and literature.
  • Online Writing Lab
    Excellent writing resources from Purdue University, USA
  • "Hot Potatoes" Software
    Impressive, downloadable software from the University of Victoria, Canada that allows you to create your own cloze exercises, word puzzles etc.
  • kahoot!
    Not a TESOL site per se but a great place to create quizzes that will have students hopping in their seats.
  • Puzzlemaker (Discovery Channel)
    Make your own crosswords, word searches etc! (Saving your work can be complicated, so I've written my own set of instructions.)
  • The New Internationalist
    This takes you to the N.I.'s superb index of back issues. Many of the articles are unsuitable for ESOL learners, but there are very good "Facts at a Glance" pages, lots of human interest stories, opportunities to write protest letters and links to relevant websites. NI: Global Issues for Learners of English has simplified some NI articles and added learning tasks.
  • The Times Educational Supplement (TES)
    A weekly UK publication aimed mainly at British state school teachers. However, there are occasional features of interest to TESOL people and a comprehensive Jobs sections that includes international schools.
  • BBC Education
    A vast site containing links to cross-curricular resources, TV/radio programmes, audio files and other educational sites.
  • Guardian Unlimited
    Online version of "The Guardian", my favourite UK newspaper, with very useful archives and a "printable version" facility.
  • Roald Dahl Fans
    A simply but elegantly presented site run by the devoted Kristine Howard. The best one-stop site for Dahl resources (and I'm not just saying that because you can find my work there!).